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Toyota Airbag Defect Causes Recall

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Toyota is recalling 133 model year 2004-2006 Lexus LS, 2006 Lexus GS, 2006 Lexus IS, 2004-2006 Toyota Prius, 2005 Toyota RAV4, 2005-2006 Toyota Tacoma, 2005-2006 Scion TC, 2005-2006 Toyota Avalon and 2007 Toyota Camry vehicles. On certain vehicles, due to improper assembly of the air bag inflator, which is used in the side air bag, the curtain shield air bag, and the knee air bag assembly, some inflators were produced with an insufficient amount of the heating agents necessary for proper air bag deployment.

In this condition, the expansion force of the gas may be insufficient to properly inflate the air bag when the SRS system is activated during a crash. This may increase the risk of injury to the occupant in the involved seating position in the event of a crash. Dealers will replace the specific SRS air bag. The recall began on April 6, 2006. 06V-096.

This is yet another recall that indicates that Toyota’s quality control measures were inadequate for such a critical safety component.  Simply put, safety related parts like air bag should never be shipped from the manufacturing facility if they do not meet specifications.  That is the whole purpose of a quality control program: to ensure defective parts never make it to the consumer.  Obviously, the quality control system failed, unnecessarily exposing Toyota customers to the risk of serious injury or death.